Thursday, October 1, 2015

TT2000 2015 - Day 2

TT2000 2015 - Day 2

Mystery Location - Bridge in Gentle Annie
Day 2 was to start at 6am but woke up early and was packed and away by 5:30am. First stop was going to be mystery location #1 and the bridge. Got there and it was still dark so had a bit of problem getting a good photo. Wasn’t going to wait the 45 minutes for sun rise so it would have to do.
Ngamatea Station
Next stop would be Ngamatea Station. Only 500 points but it was on the road I was on anyway. Same for Kuripapango .
Sherenden School

Sherenden School was next and also on the road I was on but was worth 1,000. Making good time along here.

Next was Omaruni and it was starting to warm up again by now.
Te Mata peak Trig station

Te Mata Peak was next and was looking forward to this one. There was a fair number of people running and exercising up there. Must have been sadists. Excellent views of the surrounding country side as well

Next on the list was Maraekakaho, and Glendale. Nice driving through the back roads not often visited.
 Then came Mangleton and Kereru. Could not find the pictures back for these ones. Following these two came Tikokino and Onga Onga, Elsthorpe, Ormondville, Battlehill, Titahi Bay, Eastbourne, Turakirae Head and finally Kinnoull.
Was now in Wellington quite early and needed to be at 1579kms knocked off. Was a bit short so went for a ride up the SH1 motorway and back to add a further 70kms just to ensure I had enough.
Cruised into the Bluebridge ferry terminal which I had booked so long ago and waited about 2 hours until I was allowed to board early and claim my cabin for the nice sleep over. By this time there was quite a group of us all heading over with the same idea.
Got my head down by about 12am to grab a nice 5 hours sleep.

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